Dillon Munro Baker

Dillon Munro Baker

Media, content, culture

Associate Editor at Contently, where I run The Freelancer and work on The Content Strategist. Former Arts Editor and Senior Staff Writer at The Vermont Cynic. Email me at dmbaker412@gmail.com.

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Ecoledeimg2 article
Kill Screen Daily

Enough with the post-apocalypse. What about the pre-apocalypse?

A lot of games are about saving the world, but Eco might actually do it.

12 article
Kill Screen Daily

The rise of the pastoral in videogames

The romance of pastoral life has long held a curious power over the human imagination.

Darkest dungeon losing it 001 1 article
Kill Screen Daily

Darkest Dungeon explores the psychological horror of the dungeon crawl

Claustrophobic hallways, demonic monsters, deadly traps at every turn: These are just a few of the perils our fantasy heroes confront in the name of earthly riches. But what is the psychological price to pay for fame, wealth, and glory?

Tbw gameplay map normal 568x320 article
Kill Screen Daily

One of the most elaborate alternate reality games ever is launching ...

After a decade of being stuck in a cycle of corporate dependency, crowdfunding via Kickstarter has helped to spawn The Black Watchmen, one of the first major persistent and stand-alone ARGs in the genreā€™s short history.