Dillon Munro Baker

Dillon Munro Baker

Media, content, culture

Associate Editor at Contently, where I run The Freelancer and work on The Content Strategist. Former Arts Editor and Senior Staff Writer at The Vermont Cynic. Email me at dmbaker412@gmail.com.

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Glenn greenwald ap809163130164 article
The Freelancer

Glenn Greenwald Talks Freelancing and the Future of Investigative Journalism

"Never let anybody interfere with the things you want to do and say. That's the number one rule for everything."

The freelancer study 2016 article
The Freelancer

Contently Study: The State of Freelancing in 2016

My in-depth study of freelance creatives.

Instagram journalism article
The Freelancer

Instagram Journalism? Why Virginia Quarterly Review Is Funding a New Style of Reporting

For many, Instagram still has a reputation for triviality—the superficial land of selfies, hot dog legs, and pictures of uneaten food. But what if it could be something more?

Wp talent network shutterstock 119993242 article
The Freelancer

Will The Washington Post’s New Talent Network Become the Uber of Freelancing?

For freelancers and editors tired of dealing with outdated systems, the potential spread of freelance network software around the media world can’t come soon enough.

Trophy shutterstock 270377375 article
The Freelancer

The Best Freelance Writing of September

There's a ton of inspiring work being done by freelancer writers, and we think it's about time they started getting some recognition.

Database digital versus print %283%29 article
The Freelancer

Infographic: The Huge Gap Between Digital and Print Rates for ...

My custom-made infographic based on The Freelancer's rates database.

Freerange article
The Freelancer

What Company Could Get You to Switch from Freelance to Full-Time?

Would Apple? Perhaps The New Yorker? Read on to see the 65 companies that tempt freelancers the most.

Scaleitup article
The Freelancer

We're Not One Hack Away From Being Superman: 99U's Maestro on ...

My interview with 99U Managing Editor Sean Blanda.

3133 1 article
The Freelancer

Famous Freelancers: Jack London, The Man Who 'Went Up Against ...

Jack London was all about the hustle. He only lived to age 40, but during that time London was, among many other things, an oyster pirate, a factory worker, a college dropout, an ex-con, a traveling hobo, a sailor, a failed rancher, a socialist activist, and, most notably, the most successful American writer of his time.